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Google Mobile Website Optimization Tool

In this digitalization era, mobile phones with internet facility are something that everyone possesses nowadays. People usually prefer to search for there any queries through mobile phones only due to its ease of use. Hence it becomes a must for the website to be mobile friendly too.

As Google is considering mobile friendliness factor to while ranking up your website. Having a mobile-optimized website has been flaunted as the best SEO practice. It’s not only nice-to-have a mobile-friendly website but the fact is that it’s time to get with the times or get left behind.

There are basically several tests available online which check out whether your website is mobile friendly or not. But here we are talking about methods to verify your website is mobile friendly or not. There are three basic factors or methods which we have considered to check the website mobile friendliness.

Google Mobile Website Optimization Tool

1. Google’s Tests

Google is the one which decides whether your site will appear in mobile search or not. Google provides several resources to verify your website is up to date or not. With their Mobile-Friendly Test, you can simply paste your website URL and submit. Google will then quickly analyze whether you are good to go with your web page or identify any issues with mobile-friendliness and suggest solutions to address them.

For checking up your website more effectively and efficiently Google’s webmaster tools provides you with a section of Mobile Usability. This specifically identifies pages of your website that are having any from errors, such as the use of Flash or font etc.

There is a various test available to check the mobile-friendliness of your website. One of the most popular and common ones is Screaming Frog. It offers both a paid and free version.If you want to check any technical SEO issues you can use GOOGLEBOT for smartphones to stimulate technical crawl and find any uncover potential faults if any.

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2. Optimizing page Load and Page speed

The most important factor for a mobile-optimized website is that it should quickly load on the phone and should be efficient to use too. This matters for Seo too as Google has started considering this too for ranking up your websites. As the user who has to wait whenever they visit your page would get back and choose the next button option. Thus this would lead in decreasing up your website traffic too.

Google‘s page speed insights offer an in-depth diagnosis of any issues found on your mobile site. It does a quick URL Analysis for page speed and user experience. It diagnoses the site starting from browsing caching and optimizing images, to having links or buttons that can be easily tapped by the smartphone user.

The best thing about Page Speed Insights is that it shows results for unforeseen errors for mobile and desktop both.
Many more services like GT Metrix identifies key elements which impacting page speed with a grade and priority ranking. It is being powered by Google’s Page Speed and Yahoo’s YSlow. Hence through this one can know how your site speed is being inspected by multiple sources.
Some other mobile-specific page test services include

  1.  Mobi Ready: this shows visual results.
  2. Dyna Trace: they provide a free performance test against industry standards
  3. Mobile OK checker: it is a well-known group for developing Web standards.

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3. Verify from multiple points

In spite of the performance of the site and optimization, becoming mobile-friendly request a vital question from a user perspective i.e. how does it look? How the design appears for the iPhone’s users and for the Androids users. This can be conducted in a house too. One can check in everyone’s mobile that how does it appear.

There are tools available too like the Matt Kersley’s Responsive Web Design Testing Tool which provides a glance look of your site in common screen widths and in the mobile device sizes too.

Test solutions like Responsive and the Responsinator give you a fully-interactive experience to testing your website in mobile as well as tablet and desktop. Tools like or Mobile Phone Emulator allow you to check the mobile experience with a variety of popular smartphones like Apple, HTC, Samsung and more.

Hope the above methods and resources would help get you in making your mobile friendly website.

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