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Top 5 SEO audit tools- Increase your ranking and organic traffic

SEO audit tools- Increase your ranking and organic traffic.

The world today has become a digitally driven economy. Everybody whether big business giants or the small entrepreneurs want to sell their products and services on the digital platform. For this, they are ready to invest huge amounts in digital marketing and social media marketing. As social media has become the voice of today’s public. For increasing the business growth and Brand exposure owners are hiring up there marketing and SEO teams for online marketing and promotion of their websites.

Search Engine Optimization helps the Business to make their websites popular and to get good rankings in major search engines. Before you get started on your journey to have organic traffic and get more sales, you need to do an SEO audit to identify every single SEO issue your business website may have.



Top 5 SEO audit tools- Increase your ranking and organic traffic

Organic traffic has become vital for every business as you can reach Google’s first page and increase your sales without spending a penny. An SEO audit is a practice of carefully examining all important characteristics that affect how search engines recognize your website. It can be said that SEO Audit is what an SEO strategy roadmap might look like. In short, it can be said that an SEO audit is an essential foundation for any successful SEO strategy.



Generally, everyone starts doing SEO for a website by doing SEO Audit initially. There are abundant SEO audit tools available on the web for auditing and analyzing the website. Some of the Seo audit tools are as follows:

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The most remarkable auditing tool to analyze the websites is Woorank. It provides a detailed analysis of On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, broken links, and backlinks and locate defective web pages and give recommendations to improve the site visibility and ranking. Woorank offers free and paid versions and one can download audit reports. These reports are easy to understand and if any issues found can be easily fixed.

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Raventools is awesome SEO audit software to get quality reports with all the technical SEO issues and recommendations. This tool helps to get ideas related to site page speed, design, social media reputation, backlinks, and online reputation. This tool provides a list of SEO tools to research and optimize your website. For running marketing campaigns to increase the website rankings this tool is the best option one can have.

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Semrush is another auditing and research tool extensively used to track organic keywords, competitor research, backlinks and PPC (Pay per click) keywords of the competitors. The Semrush tool can be used to track the competitor’s data and we can implement those in our SEO efforts in order to boost our website ranking.

Here are the main features of SEMRush:

  • Uncover competitor ad strategies and budget
  • Finding competitor ad copies
  • Finding top publishers and advertisers
  • Backlink analysis
  • Create effective ad campaigns
  • Compare with competitors
  • Export complete analytical reports in Excel Format
  • Complete website audit and position tracking

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It is one of the largest SEO tools providers. Website owners are utilizing Moz items broadly in SEO forms. SEO experts use Moz rank, Domain authority, and page authority and take it into consideration while doing Link building with other sites. Moz deals in both free and pro tools which can be used by small as well as giant’s business enterprises.

The following tools are available for free on Moz:

  • Open Site Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • MozBar
  • Business Listing
  • Business Console
  • Research Categories

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WebCEO is another intensely used auditing tool to locate all the problems found on the website.  It is that platform mainly used for tracking and monitoring Campaigns, manage links, competitor’s activity and then optimize keywords.

Here are some main features of WebCEO:

  • Keyword Optimization
  • Link Building
  • Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Performance Reporting


SEO audit tools

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SEO Auditing is a necessary process which needs to be performed for any website to get good rankings. For example, People who wish to make a blogging career usually believe that popularity and good writing skills are enough for success.

This is not true as there are other factors involved too. Same is the case with our websites too. There are various factors involved which need to be kept in mind while going for SEO. With the help of SEO audit, Website can be made better and visible to search engines which would lead to more traffic and more conversion.

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