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Visitor Recording or Session Recording Tools – Know web activity

Session Recording Tools – Know web activity

Recording what the user does on the website enables the business to record save and replay the interactions the visitors have on their websites.There are many tools available online yes they have faced controversies regarding the privacy issues but they have proved to be a boon to the digital marketers so that they can have deep insight into the user experience of website visitors.

Visitor recording tools record visitor’s web activity on your website when the users click, scroll, type or navigate across different web pages. With the help of these recordings, Digital marketer can easily analyze the recordings can hence optimization can be done accordingly.

There are various tools available online for recording what users do the website. Some of them are as follows:

1. Hot jar

The hot jar is one of the most recognized and well-known visitor recording and session replay tools prevailing in the market. With the help of this tools, the website owners can watch recordings of actual website visitors. They can navigate your website, including clicks, taps and cursor movement.

After the video recording session, Hot jar users can add tags to the recording, take notes on user actions, can share the recordings and filter the recordings too. This tool helps its user to create heat maps, customizable surveys, and feedback polls.

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2. Mouse flow

It is one of the oldest player existing in the market for visitor recording and session replay tools. Mouse flow tracks visitors clicks, mouse movement, scrolls. This tool also provides its users the function of heatmaps which shows where visitors are interacting on your website.

They also give the feature of Form Analytics in which the users are able to see why visitors abandon forms online. Users of this tool can track various funnels as well as can see what visitors from different traffic sources do differently on your site.

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3. Inspectlet

Inspectlet is another WIDESPREAD visitor recording and session replay tool available which allow its users to record 100 sessions per month for free. It has all the same feature that of Mouse flow and Hot jar. In this tool after your session has been recorded, one can filter the videos using various attributes including, showing the session from old/new visitors.

By receiving one line of code from the user Inspectlet knows which user is being recorded. Hence after getting this information, you can go back later and find the visitors with there email address.


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4. Smart look

Smart look tools record everything your online visitors perform on your website. This visitor recording and session replay tool helps its users to know where their visitors have clicked, what information they have filled in the forms and for how long they stayed on your web page.

The recorded sessions can be filtered and can be shared using the link provided in the recording sessions. It has an unlimited amount of recording the video sessions on different website domains.

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5. Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange also provides visitor recording, web activity & session replay. They also have a feature of heat mapping, conversion funnels and form analytics likes the above-stated tools.

The thing which makes it different from others is It includes a real-time visitor map which shows How many and at what time visitors where on your website. It also tells how many are there currently at the moment. Lucky orange Users can filter and segment the recordings to see where the visitors are dropping off.

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6. Session cam

Session Cam is that visitor recording and session replay tool which enables its users to watch recordings of live customer sessions. This tool has a real-time feed which can be used for campaigns or to share customer’s data to other parts of your business.

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7. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the easiest and one of the best free tool available in the market to measure and find out what your users are doing on your website.

Different data points are available in this which help to understand your user’s behavior. The user’s activity gives flexibility to digital marketers in setting up the experiments to understand and test user behavior.

These recording tools have now got an alternative i.e. visual feedback. This type of feedback is risk-free as in this the initiative to provide the user with data lies with the visitor. It is a much more trusted approach as it doesn’t take in the company having to ‘peak over the shoulder’ of the visitor while they are browsing the website.

Each of the above-stated visitor recording, web activity, and session replay tools has its own advantages and disadvantages. It can be of pricing or analysis capabilities. One can not deny the fact that none of the single visitor recording and session replay tool is perfect.

There are various privacy risks involved in using such tools, which increases vulnerability to function creep and the fact that this type of data collection falls under profiling. While capturing this data with a simple opt-out is legal now, things are certainly changing on the session replay tool front. Hope the above tools would provide you some insights for recording up what the visitors do on your website.

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