Cell Biology

Nucleus Structure and Function

Nucleus:- The nucleus is a double membrane-bound protoplasmic organelles which contain the genetic information for control cellular metabolism and transmission to the next offspring. The nucleus was first discovered in orchid root cells by Robert brown called it Areda. The study of the nucleus is called as Karyology. Flemming gave name chromatin. It is absent …

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Microbodies – Structure, functions, and Types

Microbodies:- Microbodies are small single membrane-bound organelle. They are formed by ER. They were first observed by Rhodin.They Found in protozoa, fungi, plants, and liver and kidney cells. Microbodies are four types:- 1. Peroxisomes:- Peroxisomes help in detoxifying the alcohol in the liver cell. Contains amino acid oxidase, hydroxyl acid oxidase, peroxidase, catalase enzymes. Their …

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