How to Study Smartly Using Mind Maps

Study smartly using mind maps. Yes, with the help of Mind Map you can remember everything you read. This will increase your reading comprehension.

What are mind maps?

Mind Map is the way of thinking for some ideas and making its image inside the brain. This is a very good method to think about something, collect its related information, remembering them and then implement the idea when you need it. Mind mapping is the creativity of any person that how much he/she can think according to their strength. The mind mapping can also be done with rough hands on the paper. For example, during the coverage of some press conferences, the journalists note down the important things on paper and later while writing they write it creatively. The journalist mind maps all the talks of the press conference and then gives it shape with the use of proper words.


Types of Mind Maps

There are various types of mind maps, but always remember that all types are related to the central concept. This is the basic thing before starting the thought process. Check out all the concepts and types of Mind Maps.

Central Concept

As we have discussed the central concept is the root of thinking. The central concept is the very first thing that comes in your mind when to start to think about anything. For example, when we talk about the Christmas party, the Christmas tree comes in our mind automatically.

Association concept

When a central concept comes in mind, the next step is to make an association that how to implement the idea. The brain will itself start to think that what to do next. For example, Christmas party related guests, theme, activities, gifts, location, food, decoration and many more.

Curved concept

How to study smartly using mind map what are mind maps

As we know that the brain can think a thousand things in a second. Lots of different ideas and various options in mind make the concept curve.

Keyword Concept

When our mind thinks then it does not prepare the whole sentence inside. Mind mapping works only on the concept of main points or keywords. The mind can understand and remember much when it thought only for the highlighted points.

Proximity concept

The mind is very clever and thus it thinks about the words which are closely relevant to each other. For example, if the mind is thinking about food, he will think only the basic food items like sweets, snacks, beverages, etc.

Color imagination

How to study smartly using mind map what are mind maps

According to the research, it is true that people who use the color in their mind to remember anything are much better in learning the things as compare to others. The mind mappings differentiate the relevant keywords into different colors and then try to remember it. This can be an interesting method to learn something for a long time.

Some basic guidelines to do the Mind Mapping

The name mind mapping seems to be very easy but if you will do any mistake in this process, then you have to suffer a lot at the time of implementing your idea. So, we have listed some of the basic guidelines which you can use at the time of Mind Mapping. Check out:

  • Start by thinking the center of the concept and use colors in it while associating the different ideas.
  • Instead of thinking about the whole sentence, use the images, codes, signs, symbols, highlighted keywords, so that you can remember all the things together.
  • After mind mapping, select the keywords and write them on the paper according to their priorities in the upper and lower case letters.
  • Place all the images and words in a paper according to their needs.
  • Make sure at the time of writing that all the keywords are relevant to each other.
  • Along with the mapping of ideas on paper, use different colors also to differentiate each point with one another.
  • Don’t try to copy other’s mind mapping. Make your way of mapping according to your comfort level to learn anything.
  • Keep your ideas clear and visible by differentiating each branch with one another.


Benefits of Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a fun working way to make the task easy. If you have made an overview related to your task then you will get an idea about the next step of your work. This is the most creative way to make the work interesting.

  • The mind mapping is very beneficial at the time of making short and fast notes. If you have a practice of knowing which word is effective and can create a creative image in front of others.
  • This thing is also beneficial in brainstorming as an individual or in the groups.
  • The problem can be solved very easily if you will create the image of solving it with different methods.
  • Mind mapping can make a way of learning very easily in different ways of study. This is also beneficial in memorizing something.
  • Planning is again the process in which mind map plays a very vital role. If you planning something various ideas can spark in your mind with so many related association concepts.
  • Mind mapping is again a useful method during research or information gathering time.
  • When someone presents information in front of others, they have to create a thought process in mind.


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