How to increase reading comprehension

How to increase reading comprehension

Are you getting some problems in reading the comprehensions? Did you think that reading something fluently is very struggling work? Do you hesitate whenever someone tells you to read a paragraph in front of all? If you want to come up with all these problems then we have a solution for your embracement. Read the full article and you will get to know why this happens and how to improve your comprehension skills.

How to increase reading comprehension


Reading Comprehension problem is something that can be improved with some skills, focus, diligence efforts and regular practices of reading. Many students can read very fluently but they are unable to understand the meaning of the text. It is very important that along with reading, the students also have to know the meaning of the words, sentences, and vocabulary used in the text.


Why reading comprehension is important?

Proper reading comprehension is very important in this competitive world, every company and institutes want their employee to be perfect. Your low reading method might let down your performance, appraisals, and promotions and even it can also be the reason for your unsuccessful career. Checks out some of the listed points which will let you know how reading comprehension plays a vital role in your daily life:

  • Proper reading is important for understanding and analyzing certain things.
  • Reading properly helps in the better writing process.
  • The proper reading of any content makes you attentive in the class, job place, seminars and at every place.
  • The habit of reading is also important to make yourself updated from the current affairs of India.


Tips to enhance your reading comprehension

Reading Comprehension is the way of reading some text and understands its meaning, according to the words, sentences, and paragraphs and then makes the sense of what actually text wants to convey. But some gets problem in the whole process because their brain is not able to work all the things together. The brain will start working all the things together, but it needs some practices. Here we have listed some of the effective ways which will let you know that you can make improve your reading comprehension. Check out:


Know their interest

This is a fact that the low reading comprehension develops in students more if they are reading something which is not of their interest. Try to understand your child’s interest and buy him the books according to his choice. As we all know that when we like some authors or book then we don’t stop to read the whole book. The more we read, the more we become a good reader.


Loud voice

If you want to remove your hesitation while reading something then make habit of loud voice reading. When you will read loudly, your ears will listen and transfer the clear voice to the brain which will quickly convey the exact meaning of the sentence.

Understand the heading

First, try to understand the headings and sub-headings of the text. This will give you some idea that what is inside the text. the heading gives an overview of any topic.


Don’t neglect

Sometimes we go through with the lines which are confusing to understand. Don’t neglect them and read the sentence again and again.


Helping hands

This happens many times that re-reading of any text also does not help us to clear our doubts. In this situation, instead of making other sense of the paragraph, it is better to ask someone to help you out with the confusing words, text and even the whole sentences.


Point the fingers

Make it a habit of your child to use either fingers or pencil to point out what he is reading. This will help in separating lines of text and even words from one another which will help in understanding anything more quickly.


Point the words

We are not a dictionary, so it is normal if you don’t know the meaning of any word. Don’t make yourself under-confident because of not knowing the meanings. Point out the words, write them in a paper and search its meanings. Writing down will make you learn the word and its meaning quickly. You can encourage your child to use as much like a dictionary as they can instead of getting confused.


The above discussed are some of the basic tips which every person should follow while reading. Now we will discuss some of the basic things which are essential before you start reading any comprehension. The pre-reading thought process is something that will prepare your mind for reading something. There are various which should be kept in mind before you start reading anything. However, the person who is fluent in reading any text can read anything at any time without any preparation, but the one who is having a problem should have to think twice before they start any comprehension reading. There are some basic points for the one who tries to neglect reading. Check Out:


Purpose of reading

First, know that for what purpose you are reading any written text. Deciding the objective of reading will help you in focusing on the text. You will give more attention to the content for which you are reading the text.


Choose the text

First, decide the purpose, and then choose the correct and interesting book or content to get information. Select the text with has all the information. Also, check the publication date and select the updated version of the content.


Scan the book

The scanning is the process of giving a quick look at the content. Look at the preface, points, conclusion, and summary of any topic to know whether you are getting enough knowledge and information according to your needs or not.


Reading speed

Don’t look at other speeds of reading. Be yourself and try to gain your strength of reading. As you are having a problem with reading, so you can’t read so fast. But, practice will surely help you in getting rid of such hurdles while reading. Start with slow speed and gradually increase your speed according to your comfort.


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