Tips to memorize faster and longer 

Tips to memorize faster and longer

Memorizing the lesson for a long time is a common problem for the students and even for the elder ones also. Elders can deal with such issues but students have to face many difficulties if they forget their learned lessons.

Example What will happen if the students will forget the studied stuff at the examination hall? You can relate this with yourself and can feel the pain of students. However the problem can be solved with little efforts, but on the other hand, the children also want support, encouragement, and motivation while following the basic tips of memorizing things faster and for a long time.


On the other hand, forgetting is also a good method to live a healthy and happy life. It is said by the experts that forgetting is an important function of the body because it helps in keeping the brain clog-free by filtering it with the process of forgetting. When so many things stored in your mind then it becomes necessary to wash out some of the unnecessary talks to make the brain healthy. But too much forgetting is not good for any person. So, if you are suffering too much form the problem then kindly follow the tips of memorizing things.


Reason Behind Forgetting The Things

Before we discuss the tips let us know that what reason behind forgetting the things are and how they can be resolved. Check out:

Lack of attention

The most common reason to forget anything is the lack of attention while doing the work. The student sometimes does not pay proper attention while studying and thus no proper encoding done to the minds.

Reading process

Some students do not read the study material deeply. They think that casual reading is enough to memorize anything which is not true. The brain needs proper timing and method to memorize anything for a long time.


Sometimes people try to store so many things in the mind at one time and they all get tangled with each other. Among all, only some are memorized and others are eliminated.

Meaningless materials

Some students are like book worms. They only learn the things line to line without knowing its meaning. Such students can pass the exams but cannot remember the meaningless study stuff for a long time.

Lack of practice

The brain needs practice, revision, and repetition of anything which we want to learn for a longer time. Practice makes the man perfect is an old saying and this is also applicable to the brains too.


Tips to memorize faster and longer

When we have discussed the factors which affect the memorizing process then it is important to know some of the best brain hacks which will keep your mind active to store anything for a long period. Here are some of the basic tips which will help students to memorize for a faster and longer time. Check out:


Learn with interest

Create interest while you are learning anything so that you can remember the things which are related to your interests. Make the use of funny language and strategies to learn anything. For example- If you are getting difficulties in remembering some name then you can make its funny sense and then try to memorize it.

Writing habit

Write about what you have learned so that you will memorize things easily. This is one of the most beneficial tips for students.

Tips to memorize faster and longer 

It has been researched that whatever we write can stay in mind for a longer time than reading. so, keeping listing the points which you are learning.

Understand the meaning

If you want to learn something for a long period then it is very important to understand the meaning of every word and sentence. This is an essential part of the learning method. Some students do not understand the meaning and keep on reading and learning the sentences and as a result, they forget them within a short period.


Highlight important things

You can use different colors highlighter by which you can mark the most important lines which are very vital to discuss while you are answering to someone.


Best study material

The students are advised to choose the best and interesting study material which can help them to learn anything according to their interests. Don’t waste your time learning something less interesting.


Story make-up

Relate the particular information with some interesting things. It will help you to remember things for long which you want to memorize for a longer time.


Healthy lifestyle

The healthy lifestyle of the early wake-up and no late-night works, being happy, tension-free, eating hygienic food, etc, makes the mind active to remember things for a long time. The unhealthy lifestyle can make your mind dull which can result in forgetting things easily.



Exercise and Yoga are some of the methods which keep the full-body active including our brain too. Half an hour of exercise can refresh the brain at a level that it can memorize anything for a long time.


Some basic steps of memorizing anything

Here we are going to tell you about some of the basic tips and ways to know how to memorize anything for a longer period. The steps are discussed in chronological order.

Tips to memorize faster and longer 

  1. Prepare with quality study and revise the material for so many times. This will help you to memorize things for a long time.
  2. Record what you have learned. Read loudly and make it record on the tape or mobile and listen to it several times. This will help to memorize things easily.
  3. Write down everything which you have learned or going to learn. The writing process will make you familiar with the things and clear your doubts in you have any.
  4. Make a section of your written notes so that you can differentiate similar things quickly. Use different colors to make the sections.
  5. Keeps repeating the process several times so that you can memorize it easily.
  6. Discuss it with someone so that you can memorize it for a longer period.



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