What is textiles management

What is textiles management?

Textile management is the type of work in which a person has to manage the works related to clothes, fashion, design and merchandising. This is the second largest industry of India after agriculture which employs the number of people. This has now become the most rapidly growing industry in India.

Scope in Textile Management

There was the time when anyone who knows stitching cloths can enter the industry, but now the time has changed and the company’s need some well-trained people for their garment works. The students who want to make a career in the field have to work hard with lots of creativity to get success in the field. They have to learn the way of creating magus with the cloth. As we all know that now the fashionable clothes are at their peak and thus huge scope in textile management.


The people who know to catch the fashion sense according to city, place, event, region, and trend can enter in the field to earn their income. If you want to know how to make a career in the textile management and what are the beneficial scopes in the field, then must read the full content to get all the information.

MBA in Textile Management

The textile management is one year PG course or two years MBA degree course in which a student will learn certain ways of analyzing, managing, designing, marketing and making a fashionable outfit of cloth material. You can take admission in the college

  • After completing your graduation from a recognized university.
  • You have to get the minimum qualifying number.
  • At least two years of work experience in cloths industry.
  • For PG in textile management, the candidate must have diploma or degree in textile management, Handloom Technology or any other textiles related subjects.
  • For MBA, the candidates have to crack the MAT followed by G.D, & Personal Interview.

Specific Fields of Textile Management

Some of the specific fields of textile management are:

  • Textile Marketing
  • Public Relation
  • Merchandising
  • Technical Sales
  • Customer relation
  • Industrial engineering.
  • HR
  • Fabric production
  • Computer Application in Textiles
  • Development of Entrepreneurship
  • Pollution controlling
  • Energy management


Top college for the Textile management in India

Many colleges provide management degree in textile. Top of them are following-

Textile Management Business

If you have your degree, your experience then you can also start your own textile management business. However, in the starting of the work, you will get many hurdles and face unsuccessful results. But we assure that at the end you will get a big business form your experience. Here are some of the effective ways which will help in the growth of your business. Check Out:

Market Knowledge

If you are new in the market then it is very important to know the demand of the market. Survey the whole market and know what the clients need and how they will be happy with your product. The first important thing about the market is product demand by the clients, secondly, your competitive seller who is also manufacturing the same product and supplying it in the market and last but not the least is your product price as compare to the other supplier’s offering price.

Knowledge of fabric

It is very important to have full knowledge of all types of fabric. You must know which thing is made of which raw material. There is the various quality of fabrics in the market in which you have to know the good quality material.

Stay Connected

It is very important to stay connected with the vendors who do the textile works like printing, production and supplying the raw materials or garments. They are the real labor who +genuinely helps you in completing your orders.

Cash Management

You have to maintain the cash flow management in the starting of the business. Try to purchase the least costly product but of good quality. purchase online with some good cashback offers.

Time management

Try to complete the orders within time so that you can get more works. Punctuality in any work is very important. Effective time management can make your business runs successfully.


The location for the textile business plays a very vital role in the growth of the business. The proper facility, midpoint of the market and near to the clients will allow you to get more products.


Get a good transport system so that you can easily get your stuff transportation on time.


If you will not tell anyone about your business then how they will get to know about your new startup. So, try to advertise about your business as much as possible. If the market people will aware beforehand about your business then it will benefit your business.


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