Which subject chooses after 10th? Which stream will be beneficial

Which subject chooses after 10th? Which stream will be beneficial

Hello all teenagers, as we all know that now you are busy in the preparation of the 10th board, but soon you are going to surround yourself with a big question whose on which your whole career will be dependent. So, the big question which your neighbors and relatives are going to ask you is which stream you are going to choose for higher secondary studies?

This is a very crucial stage to decide which stream will be beneficial for the whole career. But you don’t have to worry much about this confusion because we are here with some of the beneficial and logical tips which will help you to choose the subject of your interest.


So, before starting any further talks first let you know about the subject which you can take after completing your 10th.



The science stream has many career options and most of the students choose science for further studies. However, if the students are not comfortable with the subjects they can later switch into commerce and arts subjects. But the Commerce and arts students cannot switch into the science stream.

The science stream has many subjects to choose like Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Science, mathematics, electronics, IT, etc. There are many options in the science field like medical, engineering, IT, scientist, pharmacist, etc.


After science, Commerce is the subject which is chosen by most of the students. Commerce students almost get jobs after their studies in the accounting field. The commerce students have so many career opportunities.

There are many subject options in Commerce stream such as Mathematics, economics, accounts, business law, tax, marketing, etc. The students have to select any 6 subjects which include one compulsory subject. Commerce student gets very high pay jobs such as MBA, CA, CS, HR, etc.


Previously, many students preferred to choose the subject of the arts, but now because of the competition and eager to earn high, the students opt for the remaining two streams. However, there are so many career options in the arts field too depending on the subject selection.

There are many options for the selection of subjects such as psychology, physics, political science, history, language, sociology, etc. There is vast scope in the arts field with many career options like teacher, journalist, sociologist, Tourism management, etc.

The students get confused in choosing the above mentioned three subjects. It seems so easy to choose, but in actual it is a very hard task because the students have to think about for their future at the time of selecting the stream. We have listed some of the common issues which normally students and parents have to go through at the time of taking admission in the 11th standard. Check Out:


Which subject chooses after 10th? Which stream will be beneficial

There are not only the three streams in which the students have to choose but now the streams have also divided into various subjects that anyone can get confused. It is true saying that more options always create a chance of making the wrong decision. So, don’t get confused and think a thousand times before selecting any subject. Look at your strength and know your potential of study then select the subjects in which you can get success.


Strength power

This is again a confusing thing for the parents of how much hours their child can give to their study. Sometimes, parents force their children to take science but their kids have not much strength to give proper attention to the subject. They might like to take commerce and wants to do something else in the finance field. Always ask your children what they want to do and let them decide to choose the streams and subjects according to their stream.

Which subject chooses after 10th? Which stream will be beneficial

Board selection

This is very normal that students are normally studies in their regional board and thus when they were asked to change their board in the 11th, they get little hesitated. Sometimes, students choose the board which has easy study and exam paper to score high marks. However, the most common and valuable boards are CBSE and ICSE.


As we have discussed the common problems faced during stream selection so now it’s time to know how to come up from the problems related to this process.  Here are some of the best tips which will let you know how to choose the subjects according to your interests. Check out:

  • This is very important to know your strength, Aptitude and the personality of handling the subjects. For example, you have guts to handle lots of children altogether but you cannot manage the banking works, so in that case, you will get success only with the arts subject to join the teaching line.
  • Secondly, before making the decision, know everything about the subject. Gather all the information about the subjects, difficulty level, career, jobs, etc and then make your mind for the coming ups and downs of the subject.
  • If you are getting so much confused in selecting the subjects then take the help of a qualified educational counselor who can guide you properly after knowing about your skills, ability, and strength of handling any subjects.
  • Give priority to your interest in the study so that you can manage the subjects happily. Think so many times about your area of interest and then only take admission in 11th standard. You will have enough time to think after your board exam.
  • Take the demo classes related to the different streams so that you can judge your strength of the study of particular subjects. The demo classes will allow you to change the subjects if that is not suitable for you.


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