SAT Exam in USA: Definition and Tips in Preparing

SAT Exam in USA: Definition and Tips in Preparing

SAT formerly stood for Scholastic Aptitude Test but in 1993 it was renamed as the SAT Reasoning Test or also known as the SAT I. Meanwhile, it is renamed again as the SAT Subject Tests or also known as the SAT II.


The SAT is a type of exam that is used by most universities and colleges to make admissions decisions. It is a test created and administered by the college board. The purpose of this exam is to measure the high school student’s readiness for college. It also provides a common data point for the college board to compare all the college applicants. The college admissions will review the student’s scores with their GPA, letter of recommendations from teachers, extracurricular activities, and admission interviews. A student needs to get a high score on SAT or ACT because the higher their score is, they will get more options for attending and paying for college.

Most students take their SAT or ACT either spring of their junior year or the fall of their senior year. It is also important to leave time in case you have to re-take the exam to raise your score before applying to college. The SAT exam generally has a length of 3 hours long but if you take the SAT exam with an essay, the test will be 3 hours and 50 minutes. There are two SAT sections; Math, and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.

One More Thing about the SAT Exam in USA…..

The SAT also includes an optional essay section but some colleges don’t require the student to answer it.  SAT Essay scores are reported separately from the overall SAT exam score. Confirm the college’s admissions policies first before taking the SAT. A student can get 200 to 800 points for each section. The sum of the 2 sections will be the student’s overall SAT score. If they answer the SAT with an essay, they will get a separate score from it.


SAT exam is important so you have to perform it well to pick from colleges that you want. Some students may ask “where should I start?” or “How can I get a high score in the SAT exam?”

Let me give you 10 tips to help you prepare for your SAT Exams.


Practice reading outside of class.

The SAT exam has 5 long, dense passages one after one another and you have to read them one by one in an hour. It is cumbersome in reading, and your brain might be exhausted in the middle of the exam because of reading. The questions are easy and straightforward but the reading part is difficult so you really need to practice reading so your brain will get equipped.


Practice Math without a calculator.

SAT Exam in USA “TIPS IN CHOOSING A GRAD SCHOOL?” Have you ever heard the word “Grad School”? Grad School or also known as Graduate School

SAT Exam in USA: Definition and Tips in Preparing


While the SAT exam is ongoing, they won’t let you use your calculator. If you don’t know this then you might get stuck in the Math section with your no. 2 pencils. Don’t lose hope. The answer is not in the calculator. It is in your brain. All you have to do is train your brain to be your mental calculator. If you will do that, you can answer the Math section without being stuck with your pencil.


Practice your grammar.

While you are answering for the verbal part, you might notice that it is made up of grammar questions. This might be hard for you if you don’t practice grammar but if you study grammar, you’ll know that this is the easiest part of the exam.


Practice using SAT Preparation Materials.

There are lots of materials that you can find on the internet. You can look for SAT reviewers. Try to answer them then check your answer with its correction to know your initial score. Some questions might be similar to the actual test.


Practice dividing your time in each section.

Generally, there are 3 parts to SAT; Math, Reading and Writing, and Language. You can just say that “I’ll only math for tonight”. Most students often do this type of review but studies have shown that dividing your time for each part is much more beneficial than focusing on only one subject the whole time. You can try dividing your time like 30 minutes for math, 30 minutes for reading and writing, and 30 minutes for the language part.


Don’t think about cramming.

Cramming is really a bad idea in anything that we do. If you let yourself cram before the exam, all the information that you stored in your mind will vanish on the exam day. Don’t push yourself too much. You don’t have to give your whole week for the review. You can try giving 1 hour of review for each subject a day. Don’t feel pressured. You will only answer for 3 hours so you need to relax your brain to answer properly.


Work on your weakness.

SAT Exam in USA

SAT Exam in USA: Definition and Tips in Preparing source


It’s natural for you to be good at some points in the SAT but it is also natural for you to have weakness in some part of it. Try to take a diagnostic test for you to know what part you are weak in. After you know your weak points, focus on them, and study hard for that part.


Practice SAT in your free time.

SAT Exam in USA

We have many free times in a day like waiting for a friend or a bus, or a commercial to end. Don’t let them waste your time. Try to read about the SAT during your free time and you will learn a lot in a day.


Practice SAT  with a partner.

Having a companion makes it easier to work. It is effective to get a high score on SAT if you have an SAT partner. Studying alone might make you feel lonely and sometimes it might spoil your mood. It will be easier for you to study if you have a study buddy that you can share your ideas and resources, tips, and who can also be your competitor while reviewing. Compete with each other and the one who loses needs to buy food for the winner.


Prepare your things a night before the exam day.

You might forget something if you prepare your things on the actual exam day. Prepare it the night before so you can double-check it before leaving your house. These are some things that are usually brought during the exam day; admission ticket, a valid photo ID, no. 2 pencils with eraser, a watch to track your time, and snacks for break time. You should not bring the following during the SAT exam day; highlighters or pens, scratch paper, a cellphone, a camera, a timer with an alarm.


Good luck with your exam! 😊

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