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Have you ever heard the word “Grad School”? Grad School or also known as Graduate School refers to the higher education institution. It provides awards for postgraduate degrees such as masters or doctorate programs. Before applying to a Grad School, you need to complete an undergraduate or bachelor’s degree first. You can find grad schools within universities or separate colleges that focus on providing postgraduate education.  If you are aiming for higher education then you must find a grad school and apply.

Maybe you are asking yourself now, “How can I know the grad school that suits me and can provide my educational needs?”. Choosing a grad school is really a big deal. This can be your toughest decision. The availability of the schools makes it hard for you to decide. The higher the number of the available schools makes it harder to decide and there are also other factors like the availability of your desired course. Let me give you some tips on choosing a grad school.


List your desired schools.

The first step in choosing a grad school is having a list of your desired school. List as many schools as you can. Then after listing all your desired schools, apply the possible effects when you’re already at that school.  If you think you cannot handle the negative factors of that school, eliminate them. For example, the tuition fee is too expensive, or it is too far away from your home, or they do not have the course that you want. After eliminating the schools that you cannot apply to, you will arrive with fewer possible schools that you can apply to. You should choose the top 2 best grad school then focus on that.


Aim your career.

You should always keep your career in your mind. While choosing a grad school, consider your career. Ask yourself “Is this school good for my career or not?”. If the answer is yes then go for it, but if the answer is no I think you should not pursue that school anymore. Always think about your career. Forgetting your career may lead you to a school mismatch.


“TIPS IN CHOOSING A GRAD SCHOOL?” Have you ever heard the word “Grad School”? Grad School or also known as Graduate School

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Talk to professors.

Try to talk to the professors or faculty members of some schools. Make personal connections and ask for their insight in that school. Talking to professionals makes it easier for you to decide especially when they give you advice.

Tips in choosing a grad school

Talk to Grad students.

Try to talk to the actual grad students also because they are more knowledgeable about the school that they are studying. Ask them if they are getting enough educational needs and guidance, or are they getting opportunities to show and develop their skills and abilities. And ask them also the negative and positive impacts of their school on their careers

Tips in choosing a grad school

Look for the school’s facilities.

You may want to apply for a school with complete facilities. Having complete facilities makes it easier to learn. These facilities can improve and enhance your skills and abilities. Some examples of the facilities in the laboratory, libraries, teaching assistantship, and summer fellowship.


Ask question?

Now answer the following question with yes or no.

  • Is this community suits my educational needs?
  • Can I find work near this school?
  • Can I go to my family and friends easily if I enroll in this school?
  • Am I comfortable studying with many or few students?
  • Are the facilities enough for all the students?
  • Does this school have a good reputation?
  • Is this school not biased with other students?
  • Is this school accommodating Students with disabilities?
  • Does this school offer the degree that I want?
  • Does my GPA qualify for this school?
  • Can I afford all the expenses that I have to pay for this school a month including the living expenses?
  • Are there any Scholarships offered by this school?
  • Do the professors have specialized experience?
  • Does the majority of the alumni of this school been able to find jobs?
  • Do I like this school?

After answering the questions above, count the number of ‘yes’. If the number of ‘yes’ is above 8 then I can say that this school is suitable for you. But if the number of ‘yes’ is below 7 then there is a big chance that you’ll have a hard time when you apply to this school.


Narrowing your list of the desired school is important. It will be easy for you to decide if you have fewer schools to decide. Some may ask “Why is it important to go to grad school?”. Let me answer that question. Going to grad school is important because it helps you to enhance your skills and abilities even more. Finishing grad school can put you in a higher position when you’re applying at work. Being in a higher position also means having a high salary so if you are aiming for a high salary then you must pursue going to grad school.


Note: Good luck with choosing your grad school. I hope this article can help you 😊


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