Question Set 2

  1. Which genetic disorder causes trisomy of the 23rd chromosome? 1
  2. What is called Royal Disease? 1
  3. Which cell starts functioning as a factory producing the HIV virus? 1
  4. Which tumor is more harmful? 1
  5. Who is called detritivorous? 1
  6. What is polygenic inheritance? 1
  7. If two pea plants are cross-pollinated, then 183 plants are produced in the progeny, out of which 94 plants are tall and 89 plants are dwarf, then what will be the genotype of both the parents? 1
  8. Give an example of an autosomal gene mutation. 1
  9. If a diploid gene is heterozygous for 6 sites/loci, how many gametes will it form? 1
  10. When is World AIDS Day celebrated? 1
  11. Match following – 2
    Column A Column B
    A) Hallucinations i) coca alkaloids
    B) Specific immunity ii) Cannabis
    C) Multiple Sclerosis iii) Cancer
    D) Marijuana iv) Typhoid
    E) Antiviral protein v) Diphtheria
    F) Widal vi) Liver
    G) Oncogene vii) Interferon
    H) Sporozoite viii) Phagocyte
    x) Autoimmune diseases
  12. Name the aquatic animals other than fish that are reared in fisheries. 2
  13. A) Name any one animal breed produced by interspecific crossbreeding.
    B) Name any four breeds of chicken/hen. 2
  14. A) What is the trophic level of green plants?
    B) What is Litter? 1+1 = 2
  15. Write the steps of decomposition. 2
  16. Name the following- 3
    A) The pyramid which is always straight.
    B) The organism that starts living first on some instant cold lava.
    C) The food chain starts from dead organic matter.
  17. Name any six hybrid varieties of crop plants developed in India. 3
  18. Name only the different steps involved in plant breeding. 3
  19. When heterozygous yellow seed heterozygous tall plants are crossed with green seed heterozygous tall plants, which of the following phenotypes can be expected in the progeny? And what will be their ratio?
    A) tall – green B) dwarf – green 3
  20. What is the difference between primary and secondary productivity? What is the unit of productivity? What is the difference between Net Primary Productivity and Gross Primary Productivity? 4
  21. Write one major symptom each and the type of transmission of the following diseases. 4
    A) Malaria
    B) Typhoid
    C) Amoebiasis
    D) Ringworm

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