How to Improve English Speaking Fluency

How to Improve English Speaking Fluency

Are you getting problem in speaking English? Do you want to improve your English? Your answer will be yes because no one wants to get underestimated in front of others. However, we know that learning to English speaking is not an easy task but still nothing is impossible if you want to do something.

English Speaking Tips

Students can achieve every success with their hard work and efforts. So, if you want to speak English fluently without any obstacle then follow some of the basic tips which will help you in learning English. Check out:


Always think in English

Make a habit of thinking in English. Our mind is very clever and active in memorizing anything. So, if you will think in English, the mind will remember the words and learn how to arrange the sentences properly without any grammatical errors. In the starting days you will get a problem in thinking but keep trying. First, think in your native language and then translate the words. While translating if you are getting a problem then use the dictionary to discover new words.


Talk with yourself

If you want to improve your English speaking, then you have to do some exceptional things which might be seen madness to others but for yourself, it will be beneficial to eliminate the hesitation from your mind. First, start to think in English and make it a habit. When it becomes your habit then make habit of talking yourself in English when you are alone at home. You can also fix the time for yourself when you have to speak in English loudly for yourself.

How to improve English Speaking Fluency

How to improve English Speaking Fluency

Mirror Method

This is a very old method to make you confident about anything. It is said that when you talk with the mirror then it increases your confidence level. While talking with the mirror notice your mouth, face and body language as you speak. This will give you the feeling that you are talking to someone else. Hence talk with a mirror to see to learn fluent English speaking.


LSRW method

LSRW simply means Listen, Speak, Read and Write method of anything in English. Repeat the process until the English language becomes your habit for speaking.

Have faith in yourself

Never compare yourself with a fluent English speaker because it will discourage your efforts. Always have faith in yourself that you can do anything and nothing is impossible for you. These two things will increase your confidence and you will get inner support of yourself to be perfect in English speaking.


Don’t think about Grammar

This is very true that the person who speaks fluent English also makes some grammatical mistakes. But there confidence and fluency in speaking English do not interrupt the communication. Hence, start to speak English rapidly without any tension of grammatical errors.


English newspaper

Loudly read the English newspapers so that you know how to arrange the sentences while speaking. The habit of reading English Newspapers will make you perfect in the English language.

How to improve English Speaking Fluency

How to improve English Speaking Fluency

Take help from your close ones

Don’t hesitate to take help from the one who can speak English very well. If he is your supporter then surely he will set some daily routine time in which you both will speak in English. daily practice with some experts will make you perfect in speaking English.


Make it Interesting

If you will start to learn English interestingly then it will be fun for you and you will not get bore from the language. You can make a list of your hobbies and things you like and then try to merge the English language with your hobbies. For Ex- If you love to read about Bollywood talkies then stop reading them in your native language and start to use the English language magazine, newspaper or website for Bollywood news.


Technology can help you

We are living in a technical world and hence how can we forget to take help from different technologies which will help in learning sharp English to speak. Many apps are made to improve the English language. However, this is good when you are alone and want to practice English speaking. One thing to remember that still, human communication will give you the best results instead of computers and phones. Use this when you are alone and no one is with you for practice. Else, you can also use the technology to speak English when you want to do something interesting or getting bore from the daily practicing methods.


Things to avoid while learning speaking English

There are few things to which you simply say BYE if you want to be a great English Speaking Guy. Check out:

  • Don’t try to make your sentences in the starting days of your practicing because it may change the whole meaning of the sentence.
  • Don’t memorize the grammar rule while speaking English. This will make you confuse while speaking and you will feel hesitate in front of others while speaking.
  • Don’t feel embarrassed when you make mistakes while speaking English. Try to learn from your mistakes.
  • Don’t try to learn English speaking by looking at someone. This is the method that needs a lot of practice. Listening is not only the way to learn the proper English language.


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